Make your frontline learn and up their skills anytime / anywhere with BitNudge Learning Management Platform.

Knowledge Toolkit

Quiz Engine

Employee Online Training and Induction

Knowledge Toolkit

BitNudge’s knowledge toolkit presents specific knowledge nuggets e.g., product info / product brochures for users ready use. BitNudge can serve as the ready reckoner for users who can check BitNudge for product specs, policy requirements etc.

BitNudge comes with an optional AI Bots – Knowledge Buddy that serves as a knowledge assistant to the user. Users can ask “FAQ” style questions or any other question that Knowledge Buddy is trained on.

Quiz Engine

BitNudge also comes with a built-in quiz engine designed to assess product, process and market knowhow of each frontline user.

User’s learning score can be tied back to the BitNudge Performance Management system thus co-relating the knowledge level of a user to his / her performance.

Learning scores and performance scores (as per the performance management scorecard) are used to identify training interventions. Training content can be served via the BitNudge Learning Management Module.

Online training delivery

BitNudge learning management system serves as a digital delivery platform for training content.

Organizations can create customized courses tailored for different user segments. A BitNudge training course can be constituted with a combination of video lectures, pdf materials and/or assessment quizes.

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