Lead scoring and intelligent allocation

Custom-built rule engine

Lead scoring engine

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Custom-built analytical engine for scoring and allocation

While the base lead management module provides all the core functionalities of a fully loaded lead management system, a key differentiator for the module is its built-in intelligence. The platform makes use of a custom-built analytics engine for lead scoring and lead allocation. The intelligence in the system matches leads with users with the highest likelihood of closing the lead. The analytical engine allows for custom business rules to be used for the purposes of scoring and to tailor the allocation to a specific business context of the Enterprise.

Lead scoring engine

The matching of a lead with the right rep is done in two steps. Step 1 is to first score the lead on the basis of the parameters available on each lead (e.g., source of a lead, channel, ageing, customer characteristics etc.). The scoring allows for categorization of leads such as “hot leads”, “fast moving”, “VIP” etc..

Lead allocation engine

As Step 2, the system looks for the agent with best likelihood and speed to close the lead. This is derived on the basis of user characteristics, user pipeline and other factors such as proximity to the customer (based on geo-tagging). Using smart allocation logic of the platform thus, leads are matched to sales reps.

The custom-built allocation logic can also be used to re-allocate leads from one rep to another in case of slow progression of a lead or other customizable business rules.

BitNudge comes powered with geo-location services. Leads can be assigned real-time based on a sales rep’s proximity to a Lead – i.e., “uberization” of frontline by matching customer “demand” with the available field force.

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