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Comprehensive Activity Management

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Comprehensive Activity Tracking and Activity-based Performance Management Approach

BitNudge is built on a strong activity-driven performance management approach. BitNudge tracks a comprehensive set of key activity indicators (KAIs) and not just output indicators (e.g., sales). BitNudge’s (open) secret sauce for accelerating performance is to orient user towards daily activities and not just results. Put simply, the magic formula that the BitNudge Performance Management Engine is built on is- ‘More activities means more results e.g., more sales calls lead to more sales’ BitNudge delivers on the formula by nudging users towards performing more activities. This is where BitNudge’s built-in Gamification Engine is utilized to motivate people to perform more and more activities which then drives results.

As an Activity Tracking Engine, BitNudge is designed to capture user activities (KAls) either in an automated fashion or by asking users to enter the same. For example:

  • Calls made by frontline users to customers get automatically captured and logged into the platform.
  • Information about meetings is captured by integrating with users' calendar or by nudging users to enter details about their customer meetings.
  • Information about product dissemination (e.g., product brochures, e-forms, and other documents) by the sales rep to Prospects is automatically captured. Thus, BitNudge can track the activity count of the sales rep in specific areas (e.g., number of customers contacted, called, product documents disseminated).
  • Other activities that BitNudge can't track in an automated fashion are either captured manually by nudging the user or by integrating with Enterprise MIS / CRM (where activity data is being captured on a different enterprise software e.g., Loan origination system capturing the number of loan applications submitted by the user)
One-stop-app for performance management

BitNudge acts as a one-stop-app for all frontline related performance metrics (KPIs and KAIs).

By virtue of being a one-stop-app, the platform provides complete transparency to users on all the core metrics of performance. For example, a sales rep can see his monthly sales achievement (quota achievement), pipeline, incentives, goal for the week, and forecast. More importantly, the performance management module provides transparency on what needs to be done to achieve the planned performance.

(Near) Real-time performance Management)

By tracking activities and in some cases results (e.g., actual sales) on a near real time/ daily basis (depending on the Organization’s MIS / legacy systems), BitNudge can serve as a (near) real time performance management engine with high frequency feedback loops on actions and results. Users get to see, on a daily basis, how their actions and results translated into relative performance. This drives user engagement as the users get drawn towards checking their performance each time the system updates their “scores”.

Planning Engine – GamePlan

BitNudge’s Planning Engine – GamePlan allows every user to create and monitor performance plans (goal-setting) for self and direct reportee. For example, in the Sales Use Case, each sales rep can enter his / her sales plan for the week or month and track it on the Platform.

The GamePlan module converts the user’s plan (e.g., sales goal) into granular activities (e.g., number of customer calls, meetings, application submissions).

Using the GamePlan, supervisors can conduct Daily huddles with their direct reports. Daily Huddles Sheets are generated automatically based on each user’s plan and enable day-to-day monitoring and tracking of plan and delivery at a daily level for each frontline user.

Fully Customizable

The platform provides end to end performance management capabilities including creation of balance scorecards which are fully customizable. Bespoke Frontline Scorecards can be built into BitNudge to mirror performance management practices as per each Enterprise’s specific context.

Incentives automation and Compensation Management

BitNudge automates incentives calculation and compensation management for the frontline.

Incentives management module provides up to date information to sales reps on how much incentives they will likely earn in a given month / quarter.

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