Add the true power Of Geo tagging in Sales Management and make your frontline Geo-productive.

Social Selling

Digital Onboarding

KYC and OCR Engine

Social Selling Integration With Messaging Platforms
  • Most sales reps tend to interact with their customers and prospects on new age communication channels i.e., chat platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Email etc. Increasingly, communication apps (like WhatsApp) are becoming the most utilized medium of communication between customers and sales reps.
  • It is considered more effective and easier to get a customer's response and feedback on a product or a proposal over a communication app as opposed to eliciting feedback over conventional channels like Email.
  • BitNudge enables the frontline to communicate and engage with their customers digitally and on chat platforms e.g., sharing product brochures, etc. over all chat platforms (e.g., WhatsApp, FB Messenger, WeChat etc.) in a secured way.
  • Sales reps also insights into customer engagement i.e., insights such as which customer has opened a product brochure or sales proposal shared over WhatsApp/Email or other communication platforms.
Digital On-boarding of Customers

BitNudge mobile app and proprietary interfaces make it very easy for sales reps to onboard customers digitally and perform KYC.

Sales reps can use BitNudge customer onboarding module for the following:

  • Request documents from customers,
  • Share product e-forms with customer
KYC through OCR Engine

Scan documents – sales reps can use the inbuilt OCR engine designed to extract text fields from customer documents and digitally store customer images.

The OCR engine can also feed information into other workflow engines that the Enterprise may be using for customer onboarding process.

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