Add the true power Of Geo tagging in Sales Management and make your frontline Geo-productive.

Geo-tagging of leads

Uberization of Frontline

Geo-tagging of Leads / Prospects

Field sales reps are meant to be on the move. Conventional lead management systems allocate incoming prospects or leads to sales reps in an adhoc manner thus, causing inefficiencies in customer outreach.

BitNudge location services and geo-smart functionality picks the geo-location of the sales rep on the move. Any new incoming lead can be assigned to the frontline in the closest proximity to the customer. This can significantly improve the time-to-respond to the customer as the sales rep nearest to customer can instantly contact and potentially meet the customer no sooner than the lead is tagged to the sales rep.

Uberization of frontline for customer service / enquiries

BitNudge location services can also be used for improving turnaround time for incoming customer requests (e.g., request for an appointment with a sales advisor).

BitNudge, when integrated with the customer-facing app of the Enterprise can pick up the geo-information of a customer when the customer places a request for a service / sales appointment. Any new incoming request can be assigned to a frontline who is in the closest proximity to the customer at the time of request generation. This significantly improves the time-to-respond to the customer thereby improving the overall customer experience.

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