Drive efficiency and customer-experience, and prevent identity fraud during customer onboarding by leveraging latest technology for identity verification - NBoard #VideoKYC #Livenesstest #Facematching #NFCreader

Key Features

Boost efficiency of your workforce with automated data capture techniques
  • Assisted onboarding journeys enables sales agents to perform onboarding of the customers by capturing information from customer documents electronically and hence reducing the time for manual data entry
  • Remote onboarding enables authorized users to onboard customers remote while reviewing the actions performed by the customers remotely over a video-feed
Onboard more customers with a nimble approach to gathering customer information and data
  • Enable faster onboarding of the customer through self-onboarding, assisted-onboarding or remote-onboarding models
  • Reduce the customer drop-offs in the customer onboarding journey by tracking customer actions and sharing alerts and notifications with the customer to complete the onboarding process
  • Experience Zero latency in customer facing steps by leveraging on-device processing capabilities of modern smartphones
Prevent identity fraud in your digital onboarding through smart biometric-based verification
  • Establish liveness of the customer without any external hardware and using the smartphone’s camera only
  • Randomly sample customer images for facial verification
  • Perform customer verification by matching the customer’s image gathered from the source document such as Emirates ID card or Passport with the customer images captured during the liveness test
Identity & Verification Components
NPixel Extraction from ID documents via OCR

Video-based OCR SDK (reading not one image, instead many video frames); Fully native and ON DEVICE

  • Built-in validations for Emirates ID OCR & Passports
  • Validations designed to detect erroneous documents/ blurs at source
AirScan EIDA Chip Reader

Unique EIDA chip reader SDK designed to extract 65+ data fields; only solution to have both NFC and Bluetooth capability.

  • Data includes info on customer photo, signature, passport, residency etc.
  • Fully native and ON DEVICE
NPulseProof-of-life check

SDK to establish liveness check / customer’s proof-of-life; Fully native and ON DEVICE

  • Liveness check based on eye-blink detection and head turns (left/right)
  • Auto-extraction of video selfies that can be used for face matching
NVisage Facial recognition

SDK to match customer selfie (video) with base image (from EIDA card chip or other photo IDs e.g., passport

  • In-built polling mechanism for multiple algo support & greater accuracy
  • Built-in support for proprietary face-matching algos & third-party algos
What makes NBoard different?

NBoard solution components (Npixel, Airscan, Nvisage, and Npluse) can be deployed fully on-premise; hence no customer data is shared over the internet

NBoard solution components are offered as white-label SDKs with open architecture that can be integrated in client’s existing digital onboarding journey

NBoard solution components leverage on-device Machine learning capability of the smartphone in order to deliver a fast and seamless customer experience during onboarding

Core Features – NBoard
Lightweight & Fast

Visage SDK delivers great results with speed, accuracy and precision yet unmatched on the market.

Online & Offline

You don't have to depend on internet connection, because visage | SDK works both online and offline - in cloud or on device.

Privacy - First

No photos, names or similar personal data is captured, stored or processed by default.


Use our extensive set of parameters in easily manageable configuration files to easily customize the SDK based on your specific use case.

Easy to integrate

Visage | SDK comes with all the samples, guides and documentation you'll need to make the most of our technology in the least time.

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