Root cause of salesforce productivity problem

Employee engagement, employee learning and development and performance management are among the key challenges for an organization trying to improve its employee productivity. By developing sustainable solutions to these challenge the organization can improve its ability to perform in long run. These issues can be attributed to the following granular observations –

  • Performance variance among peers – High variability is observed in the performance of the resources at similar levels. The difference between the performance of best decile and worst decile is of the order of 20x among branch / POS based sales agents and about 200x among direct sales agents
  • Low SLA adherence / On-time follow-ups – No standard metric to track the SLA committed to the end – customer on behalf of the organization. No-show / non-timely follow-ups of the sales representative often results in customers diverting to other avenues for his requirement
  • No transparency in the pipeline at all levels – Currently there is limited to no transparency available about the pipeline across organization, which makes it difficult for the decision makers and stakeholders to take informed decisions and provide data-backed feedback to their repartees. The organization’s communication channel is broken and employees at lower level do not find themselves attached to the organizations goal, according to surveys

Current ways of improving the sales productivity includes investing in management information systems, setting up KPIs and awarding monetary incentives on the basis of individual’s achievement. There are also booster schemes of running special campaigns and incentive schemes for limited period of time which helps in achieving instant increment in the productivity. However all of these conventional techniques are unsustainable in longer run.

Through gamification, the workplace engagement levels are stimulated using a series of tools and techniques. For instance in order to improve performance, employee-level competitiveness is harnessed in a positive manner to ensure that competition stays friendly and generate positive increase in overall productivity. The rules of the ‘game’ offer employees a clear understanding of goals, metrics and behaviours that lead to achieving rewards and recognition. Achievements are broadcasted on private and public scoreboards thereby providing almost real time feedbacks to the employees. Employees are presented with in-game challenges and competitions based on the ability level of the employee, and the employees are required to perform incrementally better with increasing difficulty level. The employees are also enabled with resources for capability building, which the employees can leverage at any time and at his own pace based on his comfort level as opposed to classroom-based training.

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