What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of adding game-like elements such as rewards or points to motivate the employee/worker. This can improve their efficiency and their output of work at a higher standard. Monetary rewards may be effective however it can’t always be efficacious for some. Non-monetary rewards can be useful as a gesture to give an incentive for an individual, motivating them further. Gamification techniques are intended to leverage people’s natural desires for socialising, learning, competition or achievement. There are several successful outcomes using Gamification methods.

Types of rewards using Gamification:

Filling of a progress bar
Virtual Currency

Gamification is increasingly being used for companies. Over 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies surveyed in 2013 they planned to use Gamification for the purposes of marketing. Gamification has also been used for customer engagement and to encourage popular website usage behaviour. Gamification is applicable to increasing engagement on sites that are built on social network services. In addition, Gamification has been used as ideation games. Ideation games have helped people generate better ideas between each other.

Gamification has been used to improve the productivity of employees, healthcare, financial services, transportation, the government, education and more. As mentioned, Gamification is widely used among many fields of work.

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